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gmiefol god could not forget Ms fai&fol servant and speedily moved ite indul-
gent emperor to order Ms release. The panegyric on Siir D&s stands thus In
the text of fee original poem : the explanatory narrative, as added by Priya
Das^ is too long to eopy :—

w^w sf! :sro

7J15r       ifPC      qra WfR

^"ijccf 5ft ^?€ iinpi

Sfft ^o|f% Zfl? tSQT   '^t^Hf Hfcif


Translation. — a Joined together like two KTilta in a chuu are ihe god Madaa

Molmn and Sdr Das, that paragon of excellence in verse and song, inearnstioit
of Hie good and beneficent, votary of BadM Elrisaan, master of mystic delighfe

'Manifold Ms songs of love ; the ninse of love* queen of the nias, came daiK^s^
on foot* to the melodies imt lie uttered ; Ms persnaslyen^s as unbonded as
tkat of ike fabled, twin bro&er&f Joined toge&er Pk^ two H^1r» in a diamn®
Hie goa Mtdan Motan and Bui Bis."

The temple of Gr0pin4Hij -wMeh may Be di^sflf lie earliest of fls®
is said to Imve !>een Built by KaesS Jij rngfrnndsoti offte founder of the
iwitBrancli of lie KaeiiawiM fMkms.   He dMaagoialied Bimsdf so.
in the repulse of «a Afghan invmsionj &at AHmr Beste-wed upon Mm Hie
of Barbari, -with a grant of land and tee imporlmt eonmiand of 1,250 IHJI^U
He also accompanied Ms liege lord, Baji IHn fiinfc of Amber5 agamsfe ilia
Bana Pratap, and farther distinguished Mmself in Hie expedition t0
The date of Ms deaHi is not Icnown.   The templftj of which lie is ill©
reputed founder^ corresponds very cloa«!y boiih in style and dimensions mfli
that of Madan Mohan, already described, and has a similar cliapel attached in
€be south side of the sacrarimn.   It is3 however, in *, far more rmnoas coniila« ;

* Barfi KM (Ac Hiato egmrakaife for tbe Eorope^ Ma^s) has a special TeMele of ite
ffid *i£ Ee^I-g ^ppeaara to be m^ «»B«*&ii|gif,«»»fcie Mne^ allgMad oa foot A*

f The&Ued twin Imrfhwi ars
w«re n^nrarphoiai Isto ar^a teeoi HU zcaptoret &j